Monday, February 03, 2014

Time for a spot of tea.

I am grateful from the little design training I have received over the years and therefore the words to express why something needs to change or be changed.
I am grateful that I write well and that I still have years left to practice and get better.
I am grateful that Brandon has a job with an interesting company, although I do not know if it's interesting enough.
I am grateful for honey.
I am grateful that I learned how to shape my nails so they will be strong and that with a little care they can look very nice.
I am grateful that Beck likes the snow. There were many fun hours of skiing with him yesterday.
I am grateful that I have a fridge full of fresh vegetables. And lots of garlic. This modern living thing is truly awesome - lest we forget some times. Fresh vegetables in winter is a miracle.
I am grateful that I do not have an addiction to anything worse than coffee. I'm not 100 percent in the clear -- because coffee grown badly can have a negative impact on the environment and the people growing it. But I don't have to fear that it will kill me if I can't stop.
I am grateful that my computer keeps working, though it requires some extra TLC these days and will soon need to be replaced. It has done a great job and lasted a long time.
I am grateful that I have a boss who trusts me.
I am grateful for greeting cards, which I eschew most of the time, but have taken a huge interest in over the last two weeks.
I am grateful for my friends who will come over, eat pork chops, zucchini, carrots and baked cauliflower, and then spend 2 hours working on a jigsaw puzzle.
I am grateful for the body's ability to heal my twisted knee, so that by Wednesday I should be able to climb again. And that yesterday it was strong enough to hold a wedge in cross country skies for a sustained, half-mile downhill.
I am grateful the Peanut cleans Oscar's ears.
I am grateful that the one thing I did not have to find for myself when I moved to Portland is a good hair stylist -- as my college roommate's little sister is here and gives the best haircuts I've ever gotten.
I am grateful that I did not grow up with my friend's Korean mother, who is most definitely mentally ill -- on top of being a Tiger Mom from Hell.
I am grateful for the Internet, internet comparison shopping, free shipping and the US Postal service.
I am grateful for the inspiration I got from my friends and the new adventure I will soon undertake when we start to get a weekly share of vegetables from a local CSA.
I am grateful I know how to clean.
And I am grateful for tea kettles.

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