Friday, April 19, 2013

An attempt at the mundane

Sometimes the mundane is comforting.
So, for instance, while Boston is on lock down and West, Tx rebuilds from it's horrific explosion, there are an awful lot of things piling up on my to-do list.

1. Trim dogs toenails.
2. Trim cats toenails
3. Organize garage
4. Rearrange attic
5. build solar screens for the third bedroom
6. Mow the forest - err -lawn (edge, blow off debris).
7. Pull weeds in vegetable garden
8. patch concrete holes in sidewalk
9. hang curtains.
10. Buy a shower curtain that I actually like
11. Clean out baking supplies
12. Grout shower
13. Fix Cat Condo
14. Make new covers for pillows
15. Unload dishwasher
16. Laundry
17. Dry cleaning
18 Return sheets
19 Mail mother's day present

and I am sure the list goes on.
As does my life.
For which I am actually extremely grateful.

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