Monday, April 29, 2013

So many questions seeking your answers.

So I decided that I needed to throw out some jog bras that Lisa Butler helped me buy in 1998... or maybe 1997. They were expensive, well-made bras that fit well and we bought them on sale. They lasted a VERY long time.
But now, the elastic is crackly and ...  yeah, it's just time.

I have two - count them: 2 - of the best jog bras made. Fiona, made by Moving Comfort. I really need more of these, but like almost everything I own, I want to buy them either used (OK, we're really talking about furniture, bikes and cars here), or deeply discounted.

So, the dilemma: Do I go ahead and buy what I love and what I know will work and fit and such, and spend a lot initially.... expecting that they'll last me a decade like the ones I bought so long ago? This, btw, means that they will cost me fractions of a penny per use! Or do I buy something less expensive and wait until what I want is available at a price I can stomach without question?


This last weekend at Scarborough was nice and cool. Today? 87 degrees.
What this actually has to do with Scarborough is questionable.... what I'm really interested in is how, after 17 years, I'm still not sure what to make of these drastic and sudden season changes that happen here in North Texas.


My father is paying for my hotel in Steamboat for the four days that Brandon and I will be there during the week of our wedding. It's not that much, thank god, since the whole damn point was not to throw a costly wedding. In fact, we joked that he would not be paying for a horse-drawn carriage nor footmen. I said they'd be bored... pulling an empty carriage around while Brandon and I skied to the bottom of the mountain.
Brandon's mother wanted to know if there was anything she could do for us. I wanted to say, "help Ryan and Maddie get to Colorado." But I didn't.
The other thing we don't really want (nor have any clue what to do with) is presents.... and this is a very timely topic because Brandon just moved in here and there is SO MUCH STUFF in this house now that every time a cupboard gets opened, I am certain that something will fall out.
So I'm toying with two ideas.... we can register for PetSmart gift cards to use to feed out animals or rescue more dogs and cats. Or we can register for Home Depot cards, which funds will be used to rehab the floor, put in new windows or - goDs forbid it isn't done yet - scrape and repaint the house.
Or, I can have everyone give to Heifer International - and organization I have long supported, or the SPCA or Planned Parenthood (which seems to be much more under attack, but might be much less acceptable to his extended family).
So... that's the quandrie.

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